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Getting the best hardwood floor refinishing and repairs

There are so many wonderful things about a hardwood floor, one of the greatest being that it lasts for decades. Often, the floors just need a refinishing to bring back the luster.

Indy Floor Source LLC is a 25-year-old, family-owned and operated company known for quality, integrity, consumer education, as well as an installation with fine craftsmanship.

This is why we enjoy an A rating on Angie’s List, as well as a 5-star one on Houzz.

We also specialize in hardwood floor repairs and, unless there’s structural damage, there is no need to replace them. Our showroom is a fully stocked mobile facility, so call us for an appointment!

We service the Greater Indianapolis, IN area, such as Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Castleton, and Indianapolis, and provide free in-home estimates.

When do you know when it is time to refinish?

Often, scratches are in the veneer and not the wood itself. When that is the case, a simple refinishing is all that is required.

However, if your boards start to turn gray, it means there’s water damage; the hardwood soaks up moisture, it oxidizes and turns gray. It can come from anywhere, even tracked in on shoe soles or animal paws.

Time is of the essence, you will want to handle the issue quickly. With a delayed response the hardwood can turn black, and if that happens, there are not many options for repairs.

Also look for fading, dullness, or excessive scratches. Hardwood cupping and crowning can also mean time for repairs because it means the wood swelled from moisture, the boards become crowded and the edges either turn up or down.
Hardwood Refinishing in Carmel, IN area from Indy Floor Source LLC

Why this is not a do-it-yourself job

Even the most skillful DIYer can damage hardwood in a repair, it is quite a difficult job.

A drum sander is the main tool; it is heavy and difficult to navigate. If even just a few minutes are spent in one spot, or if it moves against the grain, there will be holes and unevenness.

First, any dirt needs to be eliminated, and the pros know how to best do this. Dustless sanding gets rid of about 90%, but not all.

Second, the coats need to be dried thoroughly before reapplying; otherwise, the dirt flies in, sticks, and there is a bumpy, uneven surface. There will be several coats of stain, as well as a protective finish, and it can be tricky to get a smooth surface.

The professionals at Indy Floor Source LLC will ensure that your hardwood repair and refinishing is done perfectly.